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Mundo Piel – A company of the LEFARC Group
Grupo Lefarc
Quality and innovation
with an environmental focus.
All the products sold by Mundo Piel are backed by their membership in the LEFARC Group, one of the most respected organizations in the industry, and which possesses a large number of certifications and recognitions at the world level for its efforts to make its processes highly ecological and its close control of restricted substances.
Mission To sell products from all over the world, assuring consistency in quality and in service for them.
Vision We are a world-class company with a well-defined course, which satisfies its customers, employees and suppliers, supporting the industry in which we work.
Mundo Piel
These are some of the companies that have witnessed the quality and support of Mundo Piel.
Mundo piel is backed
LEFARC Group; group of
companies and tanneries with international certifications.
Other companies belonging to LEFARC Group